—Yoga and Meditation—

CyberBORN is now conducting free yoga and meditation classes led by professionals for kids and teens under the #mentalhealthtoday movement.

Why is this IMPORTANT?

In today’s world of social media, peer pressure, and constant workloads, kids’ physical, mental, and psychological aspects are being stretched thin. Due to this, attention spans are decreasing and the output of the hard work is not being shown. Mental health is a huge problem in society today and to avoid stress and have a healthy mind, yoga and meditation are essential. Yoga has been known to work all the muscles and bones within the body, improve agility, heart health, and reduce the risk of genetic disorders such as diabetes. Additionally, meditation involves the use of controlled and systematic breathing sequences to bring the mind into the present state, helping purify and cleanse the mind. It increases productivity, self-esteem, promotes emotional health.

Why start YOUNG?

When kids are exposed to life-long techniques such as yoga and meditation from a young age, the ability for them to continue these tools increases to form positive long-lasting effects. Early childhood and adolescent years are known to be the most crucial to a child’s development. Doing yoga and meditation for just 20 minutes everyday has shown to improve concentration, grades, test scores and an overall positive attitude towards tasks.


Classes run on a bi-monthly basis from 5-6 pm on Wednesdays from July 2020. These classes will introduce breathing techniques, yoga exercises to maintain proper health, and short meditation sequences to cleanse the mind. Through these classes, youth will have the mechanisms to maintain a sharp and focused mind starting from as young as seven.

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