CyberBORN Sunset HS Board

Allison Bisgard

Sunset Chapter President

Meet Allison! Allison is a junior at Sunset High School and has been a member of CyberBORN since freshman year. She loves collaborating with others, problem solving, and helping her community. Her favorite subjects in school are biology, chemistry and history and she wants to be a doctor. She also enjoys reading, music, being outdoors, knitting and theater. Some of her goals for this year are to collaborate with community organizations and help members practice leadership skills.

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Suhani Jain

Vice President

Meet Suhani! Suhani is currently a sophomore at Sunset High School. She loves reading, biking, painting, and spending time with friends, and loves to watch The Office. Her favorite subject in school is math and she’s interested in business. Some of her plans for this year are to continue with outreach and create more drives with the board for members to get involved in.

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Valerie Lam


Meet Valerie! Valerie is a rising junior at Sunset High School that loves helping out in the community. She is interested in the sciences, and her hobbies include reading, exercising, and trying new things. She hopes that her efforts through CyberBORN will help her grow her awareness and also make an impact on the world. A message she hopes to spread is “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”

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Clara LaBelle

Social Media Manager

Meet Clara! Clara is a junior at Sunset this year but still believes that she hasn’t yet graduated from freshman year. She loves reading, swimming, and endlessly watching TikToks and Twitch streams. And ever since quarantine, she’s become an avid binge-watcher of Survivor when she’s with her friends. Her favorite subject is lunch, but when forced to give a “serious” answer, she says math. She hopes that this year she can help those who are less fortunate and spread more awareness about child education.

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