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Procrastination, Stress, and Baking by Clara Labelle and Valerie Lam

Ah, baking. Preheating ovens, flour explosions, the sweet smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and a little struggling gremlin of a student shoveling said cookies in her mouth at warp speed. Can you picture it? That may or may not be Clara the night before a big test. On the other hand, Valerie is…

The Library and I by Allison Bisgard

When I was a toddler and my brother a baby, my mom would bring my brother and me to the Brookwood Library in Hillsboro. It was quite a drive from my house, but my mom would like to meet her friend(who had kids my brother and my age). Us kids would sit in a pack…

Toxic Friendships by Natalie Schluper

At any age, it’s nice to have friends. You may prefer to have simple acquaintances or people who know you through and through. Hopefully, your friends fall somewhere in between. The friends you choose play a role in your story, and we often underestimate how much your story changes when someone new comes in it.…

The Power of Sleep by Clara Labelle and Valerie Lam

Hello, our names are Clara and Valerie! Today we are going to talk about sleep! Everyone needs sleep; it repairs your body, helps you think more clearly, improves your energy, reduces stress, and it improves your memory and mood! Lack of sleep is dangerous and is bad for your mind and body. Despite sleep being…


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