CyberBORN Del Norte SD HS Board

Simran Saluja

Del Norte SD Chapter President

Meet Simran! Simran is a freshman and Del Norte High School and has been volunteering for CyberBORN since February 2021. They love collaborating and helping others in need. Simran’s favorite subjects in school are math and Spanish, and they like to read, write, listen to music, and go to the gym. Some of their goals for this year are to work with shelters and organizations in San Diego and work on their leadership skills.

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Ananya Gaurav


Meet Ananya! Ananya is a freshman at Del Norte High School. She likes to play the piano, play chess, program, draw, a watch Netflix. Her favorite subjects in school are math and science. She would like to either be an engineer with an MBA or a neurosurgeon. 

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Director of Outreach

Meet Summer! Summer is a freshman at Del Norte High School. Her favorite subject in school is math and her favorite activities outside of school are swimming and watching tv.

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Isabelle Gunawan

Treasurer/Director of Fundraising 

Meet Isabelle! Isabelle is a sophomore at Del Norte High School. She likes Origami and wants to be a Robotics Engineer when She grows up. She likes all her subjects in school. 

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Director of Social Media 

Reyna is a freshmen at Del Norte and is 14 years old. She likes to meet new people and to get to know each other. Her favorite subject is math and PE at school. She loves drawing and playing sports like soccer, ski and swim. Similar to her interests, she wants to have a job related with art. 

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