—Welcome to CyberBORN—


CyberBORN is a student-led 501 c(3) IRS certified nonprofit organization with the mission of helping improve the educational standards for underprivileged students. Through international programs such as sponsorships and scholarships, we are able to provide students with the necessary living accommodations, medical resources, and education that they need in order to thrive and be competitive students. Our other international efforts include building digital classrooms to provide the means of technology to impoverished students. Nationally, we have organized and led free week-day virtual workshops for 750+ K-8 students, created STEM kits for low-income schools, cooked food bi-monthly for the houseless, and conducted yoga and meditation classes to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Fifty percent of children live in poverty. 21 million children are trafficked every year. $150.2 billion is illegally raised by governments around the world by forcing kids aging from 5 years to 15 years into labor exploitation. When Laasya Yenduri (CyberBORN Founder) saw the high rates of poverty and lack of academic access to the majority of children on her visit to India, she learned that a few thousand children who had been trafficked, abused, and/or orphaned were being cared for by the nonprofit organization, World’s Children. This is not an isolated case. Hundreds of millions of children are forced to work before they can even speak, and coerced into giving up their academic goals in order to care for their elders/younger siblings. Seeing the society’s lack of recognition towards these individuals inspired Laasya to start CyberBORN. Given the social and cognitive aspects of extracurricular activities, youth volunteers and adult sponsors are needed to help impoverished children in the United States and abroad to have another chance at their life, helping them reach their true potential. 

CyberBORN has helped find donors for over 54 underprivileged children in India, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. With just $35 a month, these kids are able to get the education, food, and shelter that they need to be competitive with the peers in their community.

Since June 2020, over 275 free virtual workshops have been held for students all over the United States to help enrich their education during the pandemic. From elementary to middle school, the topics ranged anywhere from biology to bracelet-making.

Over the past two years we have helped build two computer labs, donated science kits to low-income elementary schools, and handmade fifteen hundred masks for the houseless. A goal for the future is to build an orphanage for trafficked and immunocompromised students.


CyberBORN volunteers help with information booths, virtual workshops, mask CyberBORN volunteers help with sponsorship outreach, virtual workshops, mask making, youth wellness programs, child poverty advocacy and more. Whether you love leading projects, brainstorming new ideas, content creating, fundraising or even starting your own CyberBORN chapter, we have a place for you. With just a small group of friends you can begin to make a difference in your communities. Click on the link below to submit an interest form to join our team 🙂



We are immensely grateful for all the support that we have received from the community. Thanks to all the encouragement and wonderful reviews that we have received in the past, CyberBORN has had the wonderful opportunity to have been broadcasted on several local and national media channels.