The scholarship program is similar to the sponsorship process and more long term sponsorship donors end up switching their donations from a sponsorship to a scholarship format. Scholarships as indicated by the name has to do with helping underprivileged or orphaned students move forward and pursue a career beyond high school. Scholarships put students through university and higher education as necessary for their career interest. Donors will get a quarterly report on how their student is doing in school, a letter from them, as well as picture and other written updates. You can also donate any amount you choose to below even if you don’t want to support a scholarship, every amount helps!


Help other individuals such as Ravi. Ravi is an example of a person who was able to achieve his dream of being a microbiologist with the HELP of SPONSORS like YOU.


Donors can take part in either monthly, quarterly, or yearly scholarship donation programs. The price to put one child through the scholarship program is $50/month per child or $25/month per child through your company as a part of the Benevity platform.

Sponsor Today with PayPal ($50/month/child)

Sponsor Today with Benevity (company match) ($25/month/child)

All large companies are involved in the nonprofit user platform company matching program of Benevity. Please make sure to donate towards the first few days of the month so that the funds to match don’t run out.

  1. Start by typing the url https://(insert your company name).benevity.org ex. nike.benevity.org
  2. Log into the website using your employee credentials
  3. Go to the “search” tab and look up “CyberBORN.”
  4. Enter the amount you would like to donate and submit!
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