Virtual Class Photos

Week 1 Classes:
Science Experiments, Blog Writing, Graphic Design, Drawing, Origami

Week 2 Classes:
Problem Solving, Blog Writing, Sheet Music Reading, Introduction to Grammar and Punctuation, Father’s Day Card

Week 3 Classes:
Introduction to Pre-Algebra, Graphic Design Part 2, Basic Spanish, Lava Lamp Science Experiment, Three-Dimensional Art

Week 4 Classes:
Introduction to Cell Biology, Making Reader’s Responses, Elementary Pre-Algebra Part 2, Cartoon Drawing, Spanish Lesson Part 2

Week 5 Classes:
Basic Geometry, Visual Analysis, Science Experiment, Meditation/Yoga, Comic Drawing, Origami

Week 6 Classes:
Spanish, Grammar, Introduction to Cell Biology Part 2, Music Theory, Drawing

Week 7 Classes:
Basic Geometry Part 2, Climate Change, Writing Short Stories, Meditation, Politics & Government, Bracelet Making

Week 8 Classes:
Calligraphy, Fiction Writing Part 1, Elementary Algebra Part 2, Introduction to Chemistry, Drawing

Week 9 Classes:
Food Chemistry, Historical Investigation, Grammar, Coding, Nutrition and Wellness

Week 10 Classes:
Calligraphy Part 2, Poetry, Rock Painting, Digital Forensics & Cryptography, Fiction Writing Part 2

Week 11 Classes:
Essay Brainstorming, Elementary Algebra Part 3, History, Drawing with Pen, Chemistry Part 2

Week 12 Classes:
Physics, Paper Crafts, Public Speaking, Rock Painting Part 2, Coding Part 2

Week 13 Classes:
Grammar with Possessives, Physics Part 2, Thermodynamics in Chemistry, Cartoon Drawing, Organizational Skills and Notetaking

Week 14 Classes:
Food Chemistry, Coordinate Plane Basics, Persuasive Writing, Watercolor Painting, 2020 Election

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